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Default Different Strokes

It is nearly impossible to adequately explain the thrill of fly fishing to someone who has never done it.

For me, I just don't get flying down a snowy mountain at 60 miles an hour on sticks with poles. I don't get the thrill of parachuting or weight lifting or kayaking or a lot of things and most of those, I have no interest in even trying. By the same token, you'll never talk some folks into fly fishing.

Fly fishing either strikes a chord in you or it doesn't. You will never get some people, even avid fisherpersons, to take hold of a fly rod and stand in a mountain stream stalking an undersized wild trout. There's a bass fisherman at work who will try fly fishing but only as another way to catch bass in a lake.

What I do doesn't have the same (didn't say equal, just same) thrill as a 3 pound smallmouth on a crank bait or stripers or monster cats. But for some of us there's no more direct line to our thrill button than from a wild trout to a dry fly to a fly line/rod to our hand. It is absolutely electric. And if you're not wired that way, you're no better or worse, just different; just like the fact that I don't understand skiing and have no interest in trying it is no measure of my character, worth or status.

Different strokes for different folks - I'll stick with fly fishing, thank you very much and bless your heart if you'd rather jump from an airplane.
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