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Originally Posted by jross View Post
have you ever had someone mock you because you enjoy catching fish that often don't surpass the foot mark? How do you respond or do ya?
Just once. It was the same guy who thought I was goofy for deer hunting with an old recurve when I could have been hunting with a new fangled, widget infested, carbon encrusted wheelie wonder. For some, it's all about size and numbers. For some, it's all about the journey. That's not to imply that either is right. That's not even to imply that our attitudes are static. As I grow older the experiences and things that I value have changed. I'll take a fishless day in the mountains over a 20 fish day shoulder to shoulder on the Beaverkill any day. Then again, I'll take an afternoon babysitting my grandbaby over just about anything these days. ;-)
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