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Originally Posted by Hugh Hartsell View Post
I think that our host site (IPOWER), was taking a look at our disk space for us, and it was probably off for a few minutes. I checked it just after I read your post and it came up alright. If it does not come up for you now, give me a hollar at Thanks for looking at our website and we hope you enjoy the reports. I did one on the Holston, below Cherokee a couple of days ago and I haven't quite recovered from being jerked around by the big fish in there. I have some trips coming up in the Park starting tomorrow. Let's hope we don't get completely blown out by all the rain coming over us right now. We need it, as Byron has said, so I won't complain.

Bad news, your url, is being reidrected to an aggregator site. Typically, this happens when someone does not renew the URL and it becomes public domain.

I hope your hosting provider hasn't let your URL become puclic domain. It can be quite costly to buy it back.

If I were you, I'd look into it right away.


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