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Don't want to get too Dr. Phil here, but here's my two cents. (BTW I wanted to get my masters in psychology, but ended up getting it in education, so none of this will probably have any merit) I think it's a cultural thing. We both attempt to catch fish, but we go about it different. Maybe it would be like an F1 fan versus a NASCAR fan. They both like racing, but the similarity probably ends there. The demographics can be different although one could argue that a high level bass fisherman spends more than a FF guy. Another factor is we mock what we don't understand. I have a buddy, a good ole boy, who thinks I am crazy for chasing "minnow fish". I think he's crazy for wearing overalls when he plays golf, but we both like poker so we put up with each others differences. However, if I didn't know him and ran into him on abrams he would probably make fun of me. Just like if I saw him playing golf in overalls I would make fun of him. World takes all kinds, I'm kinda snobby and he's kinda country, but we respect each other and I know I can count him at any time. Life would be pretty boring if all our friends were just like us anyhow, which is probably another reason I value his friendship so much.

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