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Thumbs up Hear, Hear Mr. Kevin!!!

Originally Posted by Kevin_Thomas View Post
... Maybe it would be like an F1 fan versus a NASCAR fan. They both like racing, but the similarity probably ends there. Kevin
You hit the nail on the head...Big time F1 fan here, who was born and raised literally down the street from Bobby/Davey Allison's and Neal Bonnett's compounds in Heuytown, AL....can't stand all the left turns, and quite often find myself at odds with the "Family" who by their very nature are NASCAR Good ol' boys and would be pro Bass Hoggers wooooo weeeeee! I am often accused of bein a communist cause I like thoses fancy pants Euro boys, and like to stand in the river waving a stick.

Imagine my vindication when:
1.Juan Pablo Montoya started in Nascar
2.Toyota started racing at 'Dega
3.I caught a 6 pound largemouth on a deer hair frog from the stearn of my cousin's Bass boat with my 9' 8wt "sissy stick" which by the way I never put on the reel.

We make point's where we can.
Champagne and Caviar ~vs~ Beer and Pork Skins...guzzle the beer, munch the Pork Skins, fish with the eggs and Toast fishermen of all kinds!
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