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Well, this is easier said then done but one of the best things I did during my first year of fly fishing was I went bug hunting instead. You need to pick one of those glorious days when the bugs should be hatching and you shold have a fly rod in your hand but instead you've got a book, some binoc's and if you don't mind looking a little nerdy maybe even a small bug net. Oh ya don't forget a good camera as well & if your like me you'd be better off not even having a rod in the car: its just to tempting!

This does two things: helps you to focus on the bugs and how the fish are reacting to them. Then it takes some of the pressure/frustration off yourself. I know early on I was so busy with my casting, knot tying, & trying to remember what vest pocket I put which box and/or gizzmo in that I wasn't actually doing much real fishing. Just standing in the water really.

Most of the learning curve in fly fishing can be overcome by taking one aspect at a time and simplifying it for yourself as much as possible!
Just my two cents. Hope it
Get outdoors & have fun!
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