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For some reason, tournament fishing really leaves me cold. I'm not against competition. I like a good NASCAR race, I like a good close basketball or baseball game. I enjoy competing in target shooting events.

To me, fishing is different. It's not a place where I want to be competitive. My job is stressful and has a lot of competition (middle management in a very large corporation), my life is stressful (teenage son, work, commute to work, work, aging grandmother and parents, did I mention work?, etc.). For me fishing is a way to escape all of that for a few hours.

Tourny fishing is just not my cup of tea. I would also not support it in the park. The fish are not stocked (wild fish) and I'm not sure the fishing pressure would be good for the streams. Even if it didn't hurt the stream, I sure wouldn't want to be in a stream fishing and have someone dressed up like a NASCAR driver "pay lake" my run because he cared more about winning the tournament than he did about my solitude.

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