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As always I'm the last to post about anything, but I have to say that while i think that most of the time you can get away with anything thunderhead or yellow caddis (as far as dries), i think there is this misconception that Smokies fish are 100% opprotunistic and non selective as a whole so size, shape, and color are a non issue....if that were true, then we'd all be posting pics of grip n' grins till storage ran out on LRO's server...
IMHO, fishing pocket water or faster riffle water can take generic, less particular patterns - those close enough for government patterns -most of the time and I'll even upsize a bug for clarity,but when fishing pools or clear slower water in the park or hatches, sometimes a more accurate pattern is warranted. I've fished several hatches i the park where shape, size, and color matter and it was comparable to fishing a tailwater as far as "technical" is concerned and while i carry a bulk of my "goto" generics , I keep a couple of carbon copies (tailwater caliber) flies in the box for those selective times...
As for small flies, I only break out the small stuff in the winter but even then there are LBC to keep my eyes from hurting when fishing dries...
And I have to pay homage the venerable GREEN WEENIE - ode to the power of the weenie (during the right season of course)...a few big brownies and a slew of specs that would vault out of the water to grabb this fly before it hit the water will change anyones mind...
May you find a rise in every puddle... - WATERBORN
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