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Default Stay High

Originally Posted by jross View Post
Day 1; dome to 71 fish if time permits
day 2; 71 to fonatana back to 71, whole day devoted to fishing
day 3; 71 to Silers bald
Day 4; Appl. Trail back to dome.
Its definitely doable. If you are going to the trouble of hiking in from above, I think I would be tempted to stay high and not take the time to go down to the lake to fish, you can do that from the "Road to Nowhere" at another time. This is what I would do:

Day 1: Hike from Dome to 70 and fish above 70 after setting up camp
Day 2: Hike down to 71 and fish back up to camp (70)
Day 3: Break camp and fish part of the way up Jonas Creek and then hike to Silers Bald Shelter
Day 4: Hike from Silers Bald Shelter to Dome (on AT)

my $.02

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