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I tie mine with a black bead head - just enough wieght to break the surface and to sweep around in the current somewhat "untethered" as if you through a natural into the water if I'm doing a regular downstream drift...for specs, a fun thing to do is to high stick em and if you suspend them close to the surface (just like a natural might be doing hanging down over some branch over the water) on a slack eddy where you see a fish just finning about, often they will make a go of it above the water...believe it or not, it works and another method can be slapping that bug near the edges of the water - I think later in the season the fish key in on the commotion, because I've plopped a weenie on top of fish and they've jumped on it or made way to it...
its fun trying things out of the "norm" when fishing terrestrials - you'd be supprised what you can get away with....
May you find a rise in every puddle... - WATERBORN
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