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Default Thanks for tips........

Hey everybody, thanks for the tips, advice, and little tidbits (that for you Sam, I love that kind of stuff....). Sorry I wasn't able to reply back quicker, we had a Cub Scout weekend campout and I've been "off-line" since Friday. I am going to take a quick look at the old map and see how Straight Fork or Ocanoluftee might fit into the equation. I will also try diligently to follow the advice of BlueRaiderFan (what is a Blue Raider?) and post some pics, although there seems to be a lot involved. It may be one of those things that seem harder when explaining than when actually doing. Kinda like fly fishing, in reverse (oh, I can make it sound SOOO easy when discussing over a glass of bourbon. Me and Lefty Kreh, right there side by side, just ask me, I'll tell ya ). Speaking of Legends of Fishing, you can rest assured that the Blue gill population at Winton Woods park here in Cincinnati now speaks with reverent fear of the Cub Scouts of Pack 483. No trophy fish in the world is better than the seeing a little kid beam with a blue gill dangling from the end of his line.

Thanks again for the replies..

Ready to get southbound and down,
Greg Wagner
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