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Default Elkmont & WPLP 4-20

David, I guess me and Hans missed you yesterday at Elkmont. We were at the trailhead at 7:30 am. We hiked up to about a 1/4 mile below where Huskey Branch joins the Little River. The fishing was sluggish early in the morning, I only managed a 5" brown and a smaller bow before we took a break at noon. I wasn't fishing or feeling particularly well due to a lack of sleep brought on by a bad frozen pizza I ate the night before. I'll spare you the gory details, LOL.

After taking a little break me and Hans decided to hike down to Jakes Creek since Hans was feeling a little chilly without his waders. Turns out someone was fishing on Jakes when we got to the area where we wanted to start fishing. We then decided to fish the Little by the trailhead, by this time the surface activity was beginning to pick up along with the hatches (yellow sallies and black caddis). A little problem though, there was someone fishing right above us, bummer. We decided to use proper etiquette and hop in our vehicles and headed downstream of the campground where there is a pullout along a stone wall on the river. We fished up to the little bridge that is closed to vehicles. Strangely, we didn't have any success in this area, maybe we were fishing just used water since there were people above and below this stretch. By this time Hans had enuff of wet wading in the cold water and I had enuff of running into other fishermen. Hans decided to head home and I decided to head to my old friend the WPLP.

I arrived at the WPLP above Sugarlands visitor center around 4:00pm. I hiked non-trail down to an area just above where I had success last weekend. I caught a small bow on about my second cast with a parachute stone. There were several types of bugs hatching, looked like some Quill Gordons, Sallies, and caddis. The fish were at lot more active than earlier in the day on the Little River. I ended up catching around 10 bows in a little over 2 hours, while missing that many more, all on dries. The rainbow pics below were caught on the W. Prong. The waterfall pic is where Huskey Branch joins the Little River. The other pic is one I took of Porters Creek last weekend. BTW, I think the one bow looks like a stocker that wandered up from G-Burg. What do you all think?

This is my first attempt at loading pics, so here it goes. All in all, it turned out to be a good day in the Smokies, especially after I started feeling better and moved to the WPLP.

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