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Default Thanks.......and more..

Now that I've spent a little time reviewing the map I think I have to agreee with cubefisher, too much time to get over to NC. Perhaps a trip designated to that side is in order. NOW, things have gotten a little more complicated for me. One fishing buddy has bowed out do to work (obviously a complete lack of priority). However, I have an uncle that lives in NC (Catawba County) and his wife recently decided that she is better off on her own. I won't go into the gories but suffice it to say my uncle is feeling lower than a well diggers knee. I offered to come down and hang and he wanted to know if we still did our annual fishing trip. Yep, and come on over. Sounds like fun, he says. However, he has never fly fished in his life. SO, I now have a complete novice (as opposed to me, an incomplete novice) to take with me. Gladly, mind you, it's just that I usually spend the majority of time worrying about me. Anyone have any sage advice on this? This is going to sound crass since I don't have the time to think about crafting it properly, but....I typically only get one no wife/no kids trip a year. What I am looking for are some tips to help bring him along enough that I can spend some time going for a slam. I've thought about a guide, however, he is so strapped from the "proceedings" that he can barely afford the gas to get there. Again, not complaining, I'd walk through **** on Sunday for the guy. I just haven't had to teach fly fishing yet. Maybe this is a good thing, I've got 3 kiddos, 10, 6, and 4 that are tearing it up with the spin casters and they've already started to ask about the fly rods.

Sorry to ramble, this just popped up the last day and I've not had time to think it all through.
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