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Default Little River

Got to Elkmont early FRI, set up camp, and fished all day. Did well on dries. Picked up buddy @ LRO FRI evening, had supper, and returned to RON. We too had water in tent SAT am, helps to close the window. I fished the campsite SAT, and was amazed at how many fish I caught just @ Elkmont.
Broke camp SUN, and buddy headed back, stopping @ Clinch where he did well. I fished Metcalf SUN, and around 2:00 pm took the largest trout I have ever caught in the GSMNP on an orange stimmie with legs. 14.5" brown @ 1.5 to 2#. My 3wt 8'9" Sage rod is much morre forgiving than earlier versions, as I tend to horse fish and was lucky to land it on 6X. Makes up for last year's lack of water. Plan to get there all I can in '08. Watson
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