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I couldn't help but notice the thread, as I am planning to backpack and camp at Deep Creek this fall (with my recent bride actually, as part of our honeymoon in the Smokies for 2+ weeks, I'm only fishing for several days, mostly on this trip to Deep Creek), from Oct. 24-26.
I read your post, mtnman, from last fall, and it sounded pretty intriguing...We were thinking of staying at campsite #60 at Bumgardner, and I would prospect the water upstream for the next day or two, while she photographed and hiked. I read that you stayed at #57 at the Bryson Place; is #60 a nice campsite, or would it be worth hiking several more miles towards #57?
Either way, I look forward to hopefully prowling around for some fall browns (catching them might be another matter though...). Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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