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Yep...we weren't planning on hitting Cosby at all this time; the last 2 times I've come up, I've hit it pretty hard, so I wanted to try some other areas - plus, I had to swing by LRO for an order, so we were already in the area of Tremont/Lynn Camp. We had done well there last time, but this time it was a big skunk, mostly due to us fishing "used" water. We also basically bombed at Straight Fork, so we all wanted to catch Sunday, we were there. My oldest actually outfished me by a few, in terms of raw numbers, but I had the quality fish .

Cosby can be frustrating; it's a tight canopy in spots, and you end up making some creative casts. However, on the plus side, it's fairly easy water to fish - mostly one plunge pool after another. I don't think they were as turned on as they could have been - we took the temperature, and it was 49.2F...a few degrees more, and a sunnier day, and I think we could have doubled our count. We had to work a little bit...when the sun did peek through, they seemed to strike more readily. The thing to keep in mind with this stream is not to expect huge fish; I caught an 8-inch brookie this trip, and it's my best out of this stream. A 6-inch spec can be king of the pool. Just keep your casts short (most of the time, I'm just flipping a few inches of fly line and the leader) and hold as much of that leader out of the water as possible...also, if you had to pick one spot in a pool to try, go for the "corners" on either side of the incoming water at the heads of the pools - inevitably, there's a fish there, and it's usually the best one in the pool.

What section did you fish? We ended up going higher than we ever had, and it seemed both the quality and quantity improved.
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