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Default Photo Hatch

Originally Posted by ijsouth View Post
When we were up there last weekend, we couldn't get over the number of photographers, all along the Tremont road. It was amusing in a way, except for when one of them decided to plop his tripod in the middle of one of the bridges, then looked at me funny when I actually had the temerity to want to cross it.
While fishing around the parking circle at the top of the Tremont road one of the photographers worked their way over the hill and up on a rock only to find me having the time of my life catching wild bows. She was obviously upset after all her work to get into the right spot to find a fat boy in green standing in her picture, it was hard not to laugh when the sounds of her grumbling and huffing made it to me over the sound of the rushing water. I moved upstream to the next run to get out of her way and scared off another camera buff in turn,it was not on purpose but I thought a camera alert might have been better than a tuber alert. lol
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