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Thumbs up Results!


No designated leader as of yet! A 12 way tie for leader! 6 dropped out!
__________________________________________________ ______________
ACinEastTN-2 month streak
ALflygirl-2 month streak
Brook Fan-1 month streak
buckeyetrouter-1 month streak
ChemEAngler-1 month streak
Flyfishjeep-1 month streak
ijsouth-2 month streak
JWebb541-2 month streak
JimmyC-2 month streak
kytroutbummin-1 month streak
Marmot-2 month streak
MickinMS-2 month streak
miligan trout degree-2 month streak
mjenki14-2 month streak
mmorgan135-2 month streak
nvr2L8-2 month streak
Plateau Angler-2 month streak
Steve Baker-1 month streak
Tennessee Jed-1 month streak
Troutman-1 month streak
================================================== =======


Leader mjenki14-1 month streak
__________________________________________________ ______________

No spin participation!
================================================== =======

I'm going to re-format the way I'm posting the results...UofMontanaAlum, do you have the spreadsheet your using elsewhere that I could duplicate? I really like that format, it's smart! Hope your travels are all well! Hope you still linger around the board! Even if you don't have it, I wanna try and copy it in some form!

The re-formatting of the results would show the months of the year. Further, it would be marked with an "X" for the months you caught fish and would make things a little easier on the eyes, and cause me less confusion when posting the results!

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