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Default West Prong

Originally Posted by golfballs03 View Post
Is the Wye where you have to turn either right or left on Little River road after entering through Townsend? Will the portion of the Little River Road that is closed prevent access to Tremont?

Is there any fishing near the West Prong Campground (Campsite 18 )? I assume that's the West Prong of the Little River that runs by. What's the best trail to get there, both for scenic value and for fishing?

Sorry for all the questions! I do appreciate any advice. Thanks!
1) You are correct, the Wye is there as you enter the park from Townsend. You will be able to access Tremont even with the road closed.
2) There is some pretty good fishing (WPLR) around CS#18 (or there was before the drought last year, I haven't heard any reports up there lately). Its tight quarters and you won't find any monster trout, but it can be fun if the conditions are good. There are two ways into the campsite. The first is on the West Prong Trail from Tremont. Its about 2miles and is a nice hike. The other is starting on the Bote Mtn Trail and taking the West Prong Trail down to the campsite. Its a bit shorter (at 1.8miles, I believe), but a bit more difficult. Either way is a nice hike. I like the Tremont approach a little better.
3) Don't apologize for asking questions. Its the only way to learn...other than getting lost and wandering around.....

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