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As a late 20 something I'm not laughing at the elder statesmen of this board. Just last weekend I a spill at Metcalf Bottoms. I wasn't doing anything that would have been perceived as risky. Just didn't get good footing before taking my next step and I had water going in my waders. Fortunately I had several things going for me:

1. I don't wade deeper than 3' of water when I'm by myself. A lot of times I
don't even get that deep.
2. I simply avoid wading in swift current.

I know you can still get hurt in shallow water. but the odds of me coming out ok are increased when I'm in shallow water w/out significant current. Approximately 8 years ago I was involved in an incident whitewater rafting in northern CA. That experience taught me a lot about the power of moving water. Some might say I am overly cautious, and I know I miss out on fishing some "fishy" water b/c I won't do the wading to get to it. However, I have developed a respect for the river has overcome my courage to wade a lot of situations. Having a one month old now will only further reduce the risks I will take. I love catching fish, and I really want to catch a big brown in Little River someday, but that fish is gonna have to be in my type of water or within a long cast. Otherwise it just won't happen.

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