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We, of course, vacate every year in G-Burg. The wife and daughter love it and quite honestly I have enjoyed it for years. I fish in town every year while I'm there and understand how it wouldn't be for some people. I fish miles away from anything all year at home so it doesn't bother me to fish in town once or twice a year and the family loves it. My wife also fishes. Anyhow, said that to say this, last year I hung one of those stupid tame ducks. Thing flew perfectly through my cast before I could react, hung my BHPT right under it's wing!! Of all the ruckus me and that duck caused by the time I got that fly off him! I had a crowd of at least a hundred people watching by that time and when I got that duck off it was none too soon. It's funny now but at the time I was mad as a hornet.
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