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I have never Caught a duck with a fly rod, But I do have the distinction of being the only golfer in Nashville to kill a Canada Goose. We had a company Golf outing on a local course that has a large population of geese.And being just my luck I was on the tee box with one of the owners of the company I work for when I made one of those worm burner drives. Next thing I know one of the geese started going nuts with his neck and head at a strange angle. Of course everyone one had a good laugh at my expense. Well, as we left the tee box I walk down to pick up my ball and all the other geese started chasing me back to the cart. After we made the turn and started coming back toward that hole you could still see the wounded goose flopping around. My boss informed me that I should do the right thing and finish off the poor thing. We had one hole to go before we got back to the tee box. all I could think about was how I was going to catch the goose and wring its neck with all his friends chasing me. Good thing for me that the poor thing died before we got up there. For years after that at our annual customer tournament whatever team I was put on someone would ask if I was the goose killer. Thankfully a few years ago our tournament got so large that only customers could play and we moved it to another course. I have since put the clubs up and picked up the fly rod. But vendors will still come in my office and ask if I have been doing any geese hunting with a driver lately. I also set a tournament at one of the local Knights of Columbus tournaments here at Ted Rhodes golf course in Nashville by putting a ball in the water on all 18 holes. I am kind of proud of that because about 5 of the holes don't have water next to them. Needless to say golf is not for me.
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