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Default the best defective rod

the best defective rod i have ever had was one i bought off a guy needing cash(d-i-v-o-r-c-e)it was a 4 wt bamboo,it was a winston built by brackett himself--took it to abrams ----made casts that would make Brad Pitt blush--what a rod--caught no fish---the next day--tremont---a bright fall day--lro rated the fishing as excellent---everything was working---the rod felt just right--once again -was making casts that would have got me a date with Joan Wulff---no fish---that night-- someone stole the rod out of my truck--i was parked behind the Clarion in G'burg---losing that rod really bothered me until i read your thread---now i realize it was defective--and whoever got it
is by now hard-up for cash--will sell cheap--------
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