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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
I am looking for a stream that I could hike from 2 to 4 miles up and leave as many people as possible.
1. Noland Creek
2. Forney Creek
3. Deep Creek
4. Cosby Creek
5. Little River above Elkmont
6. Lynn Camp

I would normally rate Deep Creek at the top of the list, but the Deep Creek CG will probably be crowded. Once you clear the CG you should be able to hike for awhile into some great water, but the beginning of the hike may be crowded. Same story with LR around Elkmont. Once you get aways up into the trail, you should be OK. Lynn Camp is very nice, but beacuse it is so close there may be lots of folks out walking the first 2 miles, after that you should be fine.

Noland and Forney are remote enough, without any major campgrounds that you may be able to avoid most folks...

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