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Greg, I'm gonna start calling that big hares ear my drowned mouse imitation. I'll use it as a dropper fly next time I'm fishing a 2/0 hopper pattern up lynn camp.

I also fished up lynn camp today, probably for my last time for a long time. I hiked up maybe ten minutes past the cascade before fishing. I came up to my first hole. A beautiful small plunge leading into a perfect run into a gorgeous pool. A place you know a fish will be sitting. I casted my para adams and pt dropper perfectly at the head of the run. One of those cast you just know will catch a fish. After a quick mend, I had the most outstanding drift you'll ever see. The flies drifted through run and into the fishy pool, then just as the flies neared the end of the pool.....I pulled up and made another cast. Never want to catch a fish on the first cast . I moved upstream fishing as I went. I caught two or three on the pt, then a couple on the green weenie. A little after noon, little yellow stones started hatching. I put on a yellow stimi and began getting hits regularly above the panther creek crossing. Then I though, "if yellow stones are hatching heavily, why aren't I fishing a stonefly nymph"? So I put on a tellico behind the stimi and smoked a few more fish that way. As Greg mentioned, I tried to coax a big fish up with a #10 lead wrapped princ with a #4 split shot in a deep pool. Nothing happened, but I gave it a good shot. I hiked back to the car around six and decided to fish around the trailhead. I hit the stream in front of about ten tripods set up along the bank fifty yards downstream pointed to where I was standing. So, I did what I thought was the right thing to do, and show off my casting skills for them. I pulled out a reasonable ninety foot of line and smoothly executed a double hauled double speyed reached and tucked roll cast. Then as I was getting my flies from the tree, I noticed the mayflies had really started kickin. I had seen a few all day. Small cream colored one's mostly. I had one land on my rod which I think was a sulphur species. Yellow body, red eyes. The hendrickson were going strong along with yellow sallies late in the evening. I didn't see many rises to them, but I caught a few more on the stimi and pheasant tail.

This was my first day back in the smokies this year. Can't wait to get back out and explore some new water this year.

"I've got to stop wishin, I've got to go fishin"
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