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Default Adirondack flyfishing

Originally Posted by Woody View Post
Hey 46er, Are you really a 46er. If so congrats. Your a member of a very special club. I was in Lake Placid this spring tearing down Whiteface for 4 days. I understand now why they call it "Iceface". But while there I saw this very inviting trout stream the Ausable. Have you fished it, is it as good as it looks or the local claim it to be. I heard on local say it's th ebest keep secret in the north east. Im planning on heading up there this summer with fly rod in hand
Thanks, Woody. I'm really a 46er. It was an awesome experience. I have a lot of fond memories of those climbs in the 'dacks. The Ausable is an excellent stream and I have done pretty well there the few times that I fished it, but there is a better kept secret that I would highly recommend if you are going to be up there for awhile. There are many fine streams in the Adirondacks but there are a couple that I really miss. There is alot of fly fishing history there as well, with Fran Betters (owner of Adirondack Sport Shop) who originated the AuSable Wulff, the Haystack series, and the Usual.

Drop me an email ( and I will suggest a place that you should consider.
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