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Spent 4 days on Hazel this week, Sunday through Wednesday.Fished from the Lake up to Bone Valley. Rained a lot Sunday evening and was overcast and cool Monday with the water a little cloudy in the morning and flow was up some. The fish were very uncooperative Monday but picked up with the sunshine on Tuesday. Three of us caught several Bows and Browns Tuesday up Bone Valley and around Site 83. Very little Top water action, mainly used BH Nymphs 14-18 and midges. Had a little dry luck right before dark on Tuesday using Yellow Caddis and Sulphur Duns. Lots of action around the confluence of Bone Valley and Old House Branch just above the crossing. Also lots of action above 83 at Cold Spring and Hazel.
Very little pressure all 4 days, only saw 6 fisherman and 3 of them were coming down from 82 on their way out. Met a couple of guys from Cinncinnatti at the Fly shop heading into Eagle Creek Monday morning. If either of you guys are on here, I would love to hear how you did.
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