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As you can see I hunt and fish. I have hunted hogs by every legal means in the state of TN and it's always an adrinaline rush when you see one. I have walked up many hogs and only once been charged. I was unarmed and it was 1 day before season and walked up on a sow and her weeks old brood and a very large boar (which is uncommon) when they caught my wind the boar left the country but the sow made a charge but pulled up short (less than 20 feet). It rattled me alittle to say the least. Some say hogs have poor eye sight but they have picked me out in a treestand in full camo. Their nose on the other hand is their best attribute. As hunters we're always watching the way of the wind and in the predawn hours with the wind in our face it's not uncommon to have the begezzers scared out of you when a hog bursts from the brush at 20 yards.
Hogs are making a come back in areas that are hunted threw out the year. I have hundreds of pictures of hogs caught on my game camera in two months of scouting and in less than 1 week they were gone to parts unknown after they had either destoryed or exhausted all the available food in that area.
Alot of people are against hunting animals and even more so with dogs but I will tell you (studies show this as well) the best way to decline a hog population is with the aid of dogs. The state of TN however only allows this method of hunting in a few short weeks each year.These animals can and most of the time do outrun the best dogs but if or when the dogs catch up to them let me assure you they aren't the neighborhood cat scared out of his wits. They stand and fight, bite, slash, and cut anything that's not quick enough to move out of their way.
Okay done with the prohunting speach. The park uses these "hired assanins" because #1 it's illegal to hunt inside the park (unless your an employee) and #2 their kill ratio is so high. Could you imagine the outcry of animal cruelty the park would have if 1 hog was spotted in the daylight hours in Cades Cove with a wound caused by a bad shot. I could. #3 They can work at night inside the park with the aid of night vision.

Oh and hog hair does make for an AWESOME smallmouth jig.
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