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I absolutely love this trip you are taking....when I first started backpacking/fishing this is where I would end up....the problem with fishing your way up to the campsite is you may never make it.....I would usually get to the campsite, set up and then fish upstream or walk back down and fish back up to camp....if you are set on fishing on the way up I would keep a small box of flies and some tippet material in a side pocket and just stick your pack behing a tree off the trail when you fish....I generally hike in in my fishing boots....weigh too much and take up too much room to pack....if you start fishing from 24 and fish upstream you can catch a slam pretty is a 1/2 mile back down to the fork where Fish Camp Prong comes in...there is some great dry fly fishing back in there....and with the water the way it is right now you can even play in Rough Creek right at the campsite and have some fun....keep an eye out in the evening....early June can also bring out those synchronized fire flies at the campsite and they put on quite the show....good luck and let us know how you do...
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