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Originally Posted by mora521 View Post
I always consider it a bonus to see a bear when I fish.Anybody here ever been up Marks Creek?There is always lots of bear and hog sign up it,and about 20 feet up from the two poplars that fell on the hog trap is a big tree that looks like a very big bears scratching post,with claw marks all over it.I would much rather see a bear than another fisherman on a creek I'm fishing.The only thing that has ever attacked me in the mountains was a bunch of yellowjackets up near Goshen Prong,after I stuck my melon into the nest they were building in a laurel bush that hung over the creek.Got stung on both sides of the face and both wrists.A little Copenhagen juice took the pain out of the stings,and going back to fetch my rod was scarier than jumping out of a C 130 at night!
They say most guys quit jump school on the first night jump. I wouldn't know, I was smart enough to stay on the ground!
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