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Originally Posted by Fishermansfly View Post
Where and what did you catch that fine lookin specimen? I've always wanted to catch one on the fly! I bet that would absolutely send the reel screaming! Poor mans bonefish! Awesome!


I ordered some flies from another site that deals with carp fishing, I believe they are called a meat whistle. They basically look and feel like a big jig, so they are interesting to cast. You really need the extra weight of the fly to get it to the bottom fast.

A secret I learned is to put these flies in a can of corn and let it sit outside for a couple of days. When you cant walk past it without holding your nose, its ready!!! What ever you do, DO NOT put these flies in your normal fly box, get one just for your carp flies. I think the smell gives me a slight advantage on catching these super spooky fish.
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