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Originally Posted by mtnman2888 View Post
Good day for fishing behind someone, glad they didn't have lockjaw. That is a good fishery and should be an even better one once it's a all spec stream.

By the way Lee, what was all that about??

I'll hazard a guess - perhaps it was directed at the "huddled masses" heading upstream, zebco in hand. Last week, when we were leaving, there was a whole truckload of young guys, definitely not dressed in "subdued" clothes. I think it is just the nature of our sport to feel more than a twinge of superiority, perhaps even snobbishness - after all, just the fact that we choose to fish this way implies a greater effort expended. However, I temper such thoughts with: 1. They have as much right to fish these streams, provided they follow the rules and 2. They probably won't catch anything, anyway, given their gear is probably way too heavy. The skitterishness of these wild fish is a great equalizer.
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