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Well all of this is just my opinion, but here it goes

The #2 ferrule Heddons are hard to go wrong with. They make a good all around trout rod , and most models can still be found for a very reasonable price. The #35 models and the # 50 models can be a little pricey , but still less $$ than high end graphite. Plus if they are taken care of I'm sure your grand children will enjoy them one day A # 2 ferrule 8 & 1/2 foot 3 piece Heddon is my favorite 5 weight bamboo taper. i have one in a model # 50 , and it's my " always take it with me rod "

The # 2 & 1/2 ferrule Heddons are great too. i personally think they get a bum wrap as being to heavy of a line weight. , but thats OK it just keeps the price of them down for folks like me I throw a 6 weight with most of mine. You can throw a weighted Booger 70 feet in a light wind, or you can lay down a #18 Parachute Adams off the end of a 12 foot leader.

Also you might wanna look into the Wright McGill era Grangers. The Specials and the Aristocrats are still reasonable $$ wise, and are among my favorite rods.

Both Heddon and Granger cranked out some high end production rods, and are classic Boos. These are a good way to get your feet wet without dropping Big $$ on a contemporary maker, or winding up with lower end heavy, rough casting older classic rod.

After you have gotten your foot in the door and decide whether or not cane is for you then your future can go as far as your wallet can take you They are lots of contemporary makers out there making very high quality rods.

Like I stated from the beginning It is just my opinion, but I think think that going with one of the higher end production rod makers from the neo-classic , or the post-classic era is the best way to get your feet wet in the Boo game


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