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Default Chimney Tops 6/7/08 report

Just letting yall know I went up to the chimney tops area last Saturday in search for some brookies. I got to the water around 1 that afternoon and fished until around 8:15 or so. To my dismay I didn't catch a single book trout but... I had the best day of trout fishing that I have ever had! I caught somewhere in the low 20's of rainbow trout and most of them where decent sized too! I didn't see another person all day and the weather was great! The only down side to the day was that as it started to get dark I realized that I was way down in a valley from the road and ended up having to do a little rock climbing to get back to the road. So just a warning that looking back should have seemed obvious if you do go fishing in this area it would probably be a good idea to drive a little further to find where you are going to get out. Oh and I caught most of my fish on a 16 size parachute adams in gray color. And once again thank to the guys at LFO for pointing me in the right direction, those guys are alway super helpful!
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