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I don't have a sister so I'm not too sure what kissing her would be like

However, not all forms of fishing are for everyone. I have buddies who get a big charge out of tossing crank baits off the deck of a high powered bass boat. I know other guys who really enjoy globbing a hunk of stink bait on a hook and hauling in big catfish. I even have one friend who gets a kick out of chumming in a bunch of carp with corn and catching 40lb carp on ultralight spinning gear (he looses more than he brings in).

Personally, I would prefer to catch a 4" wild rainbow from a mountain stream than a larger stocked trout. However, I live an hour away from a stocked tailwater and 6 hours from the Smokies. The math is pretty simple regarding which I do most frequently.

To be very honest, my favorite fly fishing is going after bluegill. A hand sized bluegill on a 3wt rod is a hoot. For just plain good old fashioned fishing fun, it's hard to beat bluegill.

I don't really feel a need to defend or jcriticize any fishery. If someone has fun doing it and it's legal, more power to them. In the end, we're all pretty much the same, we're a bunch of people who love to fish, who get skunked more than we care to admit, and occassionally catch either a big fish or on those rare days a lot of fish just enough to keep us chasing the dragon and coming back.

If everyone liked the same style of fishig, the lake, stream, river, tailwater would become mighty crowded.

Yes, the Smokeis are special. The area is where I want to spend my days after I retire. I could wake up every morning for however many mornings the Lord is going to give me and be perfectly content looking out my window at these mountains. When the Lord does call me home (I hope many years from now), I'd be happy to be buried there.

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