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Today I headed to Cosby (played hookey), then over to Tremont. Nothing is as cool as catching 7-9 inch brookies in a cramped and
b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l stream like Cosby Creek.

I've had 15-17 inch browns from the Little River,
Today I caught two of the largest 'bows I've ever caught in the park above the Institute (both 13 inches).

I've had 9" fish on the Holston and Clinch. Now that, on a large water, is tiny.

So, think of it in a relative manner. On a small stream, with a two weight, those "monster 13s" were, in fact, huge. On a tailwater, say the Clinch, those 13 inchers with a four weight are, well, 13 inchers.

I learned to fish in the GSMNP and I believe that set the bar. If I am successful in the park then I can be successful anywhere. And I have been (here I am ignoring the learning curve that any new water presents).

Ok, so there's my brief two cents. And wow, I rambled. But long story, I believe the GSMNP to be a wonderful fishery.
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