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Well in my opinion for what it worth, as a person that enjoys several types of fishing from fishing bass tournaments, jig poling for big ole paper mouth's, role casting crickets for bream, diving down and wrestling big cats "noddling", bowfishing for monster gar and carp, to my newest addiction of fly fishing in the smokies. I think they are all different in there own right and have there place. I just moved up here about 4 weeks ago and spend at least 4 afternoons in the mountains chasing these trout through what I am convinced of is some of the most beautiful beautiful scenery that God created. Last weekend I took a trip up about two miles passed chimney tops and was in total awe of everything, the mountains, the scenery, the sound of the stream, and I couldn't stop thinking how truly blessed I am to even get to experience such an amazing feeling of peace, and solitude. As far as I am concerned nothing could come close to the aspect. But when I want to just hang out with some friends and through a few back while wetting a hook I would probably do some other kind of fishing.
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