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Default I disagree

I don't fish for carp with that nasty stuff THEY fish with---The "it's whatever turns you on man" stuff is what makes me love fly fishing that much more--I don't fish for catfish with balls of blood and gooh--I suggest you find that hot water,clouded with algae...don't cast--lower those catfish balls of bad odor into the water--maybe you'll catch a big one...
Truth is,fly fishing is hard to learn,you are in competion with zillions of insects for the right to catch a trout, we love and try to protect our good streams-- have read dozens of books on fly-fishing,fly fishing is how i have fished for 36 years--i have fished most of the streams of the smokies--the waters remain clear and cold-If you like catching carp and catfish in stagnant waters--good for you(do what ya godda do man!!!) but you will never be a member of OUR CLUB...NEVER
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