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Here is a little background story before the picture. My dad and I got into the water at Center Hill at 4:00 AM, and caught a fish every half hour or so, not bad. I latched onto a monster rainbow and fought him for awhile, got him up to the boat and he was pushing 20+, my dad goes to net him and scoops from behind the fish, catches most of his body but his head weighed more so he dipped back in the water and the line snapped (before I was interested in fly fishing). I was so angry that I didn't want to fish for the rest of the day, but 5 minutes later I reluctantly threw a line back in the water. Sure enough, that cast, I catch another monster rainbow, and was lucky enough to get him netted. He was 22 inches and about 3 pounds, he was a fatty. I battled him for 15-20 minutes, he didn't want to come quietly. But here he is!

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