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Originally Posted by Brook Fan View Post
A fisherman is a fisherman. Whether you are casting a $500 fly rod outfit for mountain or tailwater trout, a $200 dollar baitcaster for large and small mouth, trolling the lake for crappie, jugging at night for that wonderful creature the catfish. I started fishing at 5 as a curious boy from Middle Tennessee who just wanted to hang out with his dad. Life sent me curve ball and I found myself in the mountains of East Tennessee almost a year ago. As a fisherman first I had to adapt and find a way to fish so I started to fly fish for trout. I have been lucky because a lifetime of casting quickly converted to a fly rod cast and I started to catch fish. People I talk to along my way to find a trout would never really know that I'm a catman at heart but enjoy fishing too much not to enjoy the beauty of trout fishing. The one thing that stayed the same no matter if I was in Middle Tennessee on a lake, or in East Tennessee wading a scenic stream if you drop it you pick it up. If you didn't drop it you still pick it up. I had to learn this the hard way by catching the wrath of my dad if I didn't pick it up. The lesson was learned and 30 years later if I see it I pick it up. It seems to me that some adults failed to be taught this leasson as a child and unfortuantely will not teach their child
Yeah, but you never see bass fishermen whittle their own lures!
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