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I see you post Cosby as one of your locations. I'm from Cosby myself. I get to fish Cosby Creek quite a lot. Do you take advantage of this stream? Also, do you fish any of the streams on North Carolina side of the Park? I spend most of my time on Little River fishing for Browns.
I wished the fish out would have been longer so more people could have fished. I took some of the fish I caught the other day to my grand father. He is 96 years old and not able to fly fish any more, so I try to take him some fish every year. He tells me stories about Cosby Creek and the brook trout that he fished for as a kid. Back then the park did not exist and peolpe would take alot of fish. I told him about the park working on Lynn Camp to make it a Brook stream. He was glad to here that imformation. He told me about people who had caught Brookies 13 to 14 inches out of Cosby Creek. He said it was common for people to have 3 or 4 that size at one time. Back then peolpe fished for food not for fun. He said over fishing really hurt the Cosby. He said poor people had to eat and it was a way of life. It was just way things were back then. My grand father also said they would catch brooks down low,( where the bridge and store are below the park). He is one of those cane pole fisherman who can fish. He said that Indian Camp was the best stream back then it held alot of good fish. He hopes that the park will manage Lynn Camp so that one day I can enjoy catching a big "Spec" like he did when he was a kid. Just sharing some info about Cosby Creek and fishing history.

May God Bless You and have a Happy Fathers Day...

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