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I also look around on that site. Kinda questionable sometimes... They don't want you to tell stream names, get mad when you say you kept some fish, talk down about spinner and bait fishermen, and are just sometimes kinda snooty.

Don't get me wrong, some of the people have good things to say and I've even met some of the guys that are pretty cool. I just wish people would quit arguing about silly issues and concentrate on conserving the resources together, not separately. Its not hard to read a map, get a book, or drive around and find a stream, so who cares if you tell where you were or give someone an idea for a place to go. I don't usually ask where to go, but I see a lot of posts on this site by people looking for help and it is usually answered with good advice. If its legal to keep some fish, we shouldn't have a problem with that (as long as regulations are followed of course). Biologists will tell you that keeping fish doesn't negatively effect a fishery, so don''t freak out when someone wants a fresh dinner.

I enjoy reading posts on this site and hope everyone continues to share information so that more people will be aware of important issues and not focus on pointless differences in opinions.
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