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While I can't claim residency (yet), I do own land in Cosby...just an acre, but within walking distance to the park. Cosby is the closest to a "home stream" that I can claim - I always fish it at least once in our trips up there...I love it. Earlier this spring, we caught some brookies well below the campground area - in fact, it was halfway down to the boundary, so that is encouraging. We also fish the N.C. side quite a bit...we usually hit Straight Fork on our travels.

I've read a lot about Indian Camp....I would love to try it, but it will probably have to wait until I'm up there by myself...perhaps this Thanksgiving when I'll be up there solo.


No doubt you saw that one thread that went on and on about keeping fish. I saw a lot of chest-thumping about releasing 10 inch brook trout; of course, the irony is, a brookie that size has probably maxed out, and is on borrowed time. Most of these fish don't live past 3 years. I release most of my fish, but there certainly isn't anything wrong with keeping a few, as long as they're legal.


Yep...that's probably exactly right - we would probably do the fish a favor by keeping a few once in a while. And, that's exactly my point...when we're talking about well-known streams, we aren't exactly releasing classified information. I don't mind talking about Cosby because, frankly, few people fish it - it is a bit out of the way. I do agree that, with certain streams in certain locations, there is a concern about over-exposure. Actually, I've heard such concerns voiced about the future Lynn Camp; there might be greatly increased pressure, because it will be such a convienient brookie stream. That may be true, but I'm not too worried....just because the fish are there doesn't mean they're all going to be caught...there's quite a learning curve to beat when fishing these streams, and most casual visitors aren't going to put in the time it takes to learn these waters.
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