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John, Thanks for sharing all of the information you have over the last two years. Its taken me awhile to get over there, but I'm glad I finally did. I was wondering about the section of the stream above Junction, but below Big Falls that I believe is referred to as the Gorge. It doesn't look like there are many (any) ways out, once you are in on the left side of the stream. Is there a path of sorts on the right hand side? Or do you have to walk back down the streambed? Or bushwhack up to the trail (a few hundred feet above the stream)?

There is a lot of water down there that must hardly ever get fished. I bet there are some nice fish to be found. I would love to try out some of that stretch in the future. Do you think its worth the effort? Would you be interested? I would love to give the steelhead fishing a try as well. There's not much else to do in Jan/Feb anyway...

Speckleman, I agree with you, it wasn't only locals that were eating their catch. The old guy I talked to was from Florida, and he was eating his catch, as well. The funny thing about the kid who was cleaning the fish is that he said he would like to see regulations put in place to make the stream C&R only. An interesting idea, but judging by the misuse that some of the campsites get, I bet plenty of folks wouldn't pay any attention to any regulations (especially with minimal enforcement available). He said there were two guys last week that came out with a trashbag full of specs. I hope he was exaggerating, but you never know.

"Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."
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