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That's the strangest looking brown I've ever seen. I need to work on my fish identification, I came in here and thought it was a rainbow because of how silver he was. Now that I paid attention I see his spots, but where are the orange spots and dark coloring? Humph, learn something new everyday.

But I would definitely scream like a little girl if I saw that. I've only had a handful of encounters with wildlife when I was fishing, all in West Virginia. I was fishing on some large rocks when a lizard jumped and I thought it was a snake, so I tripped and fell down a few rocks luckily unhurt. I've also tried to get off similar rocks going up the slope like I did coming down, except I hear rattling from an unknown direction. But the worst was I was fishing and I saw a beaver swimming downstream with a branch, thought it was cool, and continued fishing. About 5 minutes later I hear the water below the rock I was standing on (about 3 feet from the top of the water) explode and water sprays up. I fell backwards onto the rock spraining my wrist, I look up expecting to see a massive brown swimming in the river, but no, its that beaver glaring at me.
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