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Default Elkmont 6/26/08 & "grumpy bear"

I left work to head to the mountains yesterday and decided to go fishing at elkmont. Normally I wouldn't tell you an exact location of where I was but I believe this time I need to. I started at the first pull of after making the turn into elkmont. First of all I had a banner day catching 10 trout 4 of which were larger browns. I was using a never sink caddis with a size 18 hares ear nymph dropper. While catching most on the caddis I did catch a brown and a rainbow on the dropper.

Now for the more serious part of my post, on the way back when I was about 80 or so yards from my truck I heard some rustling of leaves up ahead to my right. Not thinking much of it "sounded like a squirrel" I kept walking. After a few more steps I hear a bear growl at me. I looked to my right and about 50 yards away stood the biggest bear that I have seen in the park. He was alone and was staring right at me. Most of the bears that I have come across acted like I didn't exist or ran as soon as they saw me. That is what was so scary about this incident he stood there staring at me not scared at all and the fact that he growled at me also made me uneasy. So I made myself as big as possible faced towards him and walked backwards all the way to my truck. The bear never move just kept his stare. This bear is obviously not scared of humans "not good" and I just wanted to warn anyone fishing this area if they come across paths with him not to run just keep an eye on him. I always just joked about getting bear mace but after this particular bear I will more serious about having it with me.
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