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I was sitting in the Grassy Ridge Mine overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway last night and heard one in the woods. I turned off the radio, but my headlights were still on well before dark. Aound 840 I looked up and the biggest bear I have ever seen was walking out of the trail directly for the trash cans. He looked dead at me about 50 feet in front of the truck with the headlights pointed at him. He growled loudly and walked about 15 feet back into the woods. He never left and presumably waited until I left to resume his crusade for the bottom of the trash can. I have seen a lot of bears in my time. I have seen a ton in the park this year alone. I have never seen a bear as big as this one was. His head was at least 1.5 times the size of a basketball.....I usually get over it pretty quickly, but I honestly think he wanted to let me know he was there.....Very loud before he came out, very loud while my music was playing, and very loud when he was in an opening 5 feet form stepping out into daylight. I am beginning to get a little weary about going out and about anymore becaue=se everywhere I turn around a bear is standing there.
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