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I guess it all depend on how much you want to spend, course there are so many models now to fit anyones price range. Then theres the Nikon vs Canon debate, but the truth is you can't go wrong with either one in the price range thats best for you. I'm a Canon man myself just because I've always shot 'em even with film (well there was that one Nikon FM - loved it) and since I already had the lenses and flashes, it was more cost effective to stay with the brand - I currently use a Canon 40D and its a great shooter though I'd rather have the full frame sensor of a 5D - I didn't pay near the price either...any of the Canon Rebel line up is a great way to break into dslr with
Something to consider too is the Pentax k10d which some selling points there is the dust seals and weather resistance...stuff you find on higher end gear, though I'm not too familier I think Olympus dslr's carry that even on thier baseline models as well - being outdoorspeople that should be something to think about when we drag thousand dollar equipment into the mountains...
Lots of good deals out there - careful of some of the internet pricing scams - if you find a camera you are intersested in check a reputable site like B&H Photo for a baseline price and go from there and a great resource for used gear is KEH out of Atlanta.. Theres a ton of good base packages and kits, aftermarket lenses,tripods,lighting and so on...careful though, if you though flyfishing was and expensive hobby - wait till the shutterbug bites!
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