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Default Keeping Fish

I don't mind people keeping a few fish, I'd keep a few more if my wife and son cared for them. Wish they would keep all of the stockers, and put the wild fish back. That would be great.
Pete there are a few spots up through there where you can get out fairly easily. I don't think there are any trails along that section though, pretty much just rhododendron(sp?) h__l! I would like to fish that section with you and certainly welcome you to come over in the winter. I rarely see anyone else out there through the winter. The runs are not a guarantee, last year was a banger, the year before I never landed a fish over 17", though I do remember hooking (only) two large fish that came unbuttoned, they were definitely head-shak'n beasts! I bet this year will be a good run, I can just feel it!
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