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50 Feet is plenty far enough for me. I was in Cataloochee two years ago and it had rained up Palmer Creek so I went up the first small creek to the right above the horse camp. I made it about 40 yards up the creek, just out of sight of the trail and had already caught 4 little brook. I casted around a small tree to my left and set the hook on another speck when at my feet on the right creek bank a 300 pound bear jumped up and took off running. I don't know if it was because I was in full camo, or if he was sleeping, or what...but He was under my feet when he took off, I went the other way just as fast. My 2 buddies were still in the trail and had heard a downed tree that was leaning fall. They thought it was me until I stepped out white faced...needless to say, I ALWAYS carry my A2 tool steel Bark River.
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